Rewarding Essentials a SanDaveVA Trading Company

SanDaveVA is a trading company owned by Sandy and David Blackwell. The company began operations in the year 2002 and since then it we have provided quality home and entertainments products to our clients across the world. We started this company with an initial capital of $80, buying and selling from a nationally known online auction companies. Over the years we have dabbled into several sales ventures from direct house party sales to retail sales via craft shows.

Today, we operate as a client servicing company which provides retail products at wholesale prices. One product niche which we are known for is the provision of container/packaging items for persons involved in DIY activities who only need a few items and not hundreds of cases as most suppliers sell. We are also working to offer more products for aromatherapy DIY (homemade lotions, shampoos, creams etc.) in the near future.

Initially, we started the SanDaveVA brand to make profit but overtime we discovered that there were several other budding entrepreneurs just like us who we were a few steps above on the entrepreneurial ladder. We felt we could do more than just make profit, we could help them get started on their own businesses too and this has become grown to become one of our cardinal operational focus. We help these entrepreners with the requisite knowledge and seed capital to chase their dream.

In addition, the SanDaveVA Trading Company is proud to say that we have awarded numerous scholastic grants to students in the Philippines and entrepreneurial grants to aspiring business startups in the Philippines and the USA. We run our business according to the highest standards of reliability, honesty and integrity.

All our services are offered at affordable prices with hassle-free shipping and respect for the needs of all our clients. Our doors are always open for business and you can reach us on any of the numbers on our contact page to make special order or go through the catalog of products on our home page to see the items we have on offer.

SanDaveVA and Rewarding Essentials is a registered trademark of SanDaveVA Trading Co., all rights reserved.

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